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Terms & Conditions
A. Meanings & Abbreviations:
In this Agreement the following words have their corresponding meanings:-
Agreement / Terms and Conditions means your agreement with us as contained in this document (as may be modified from time to time).
Google / Google AdWords / Search Engine means Google and Google AdWords except to the extent that you have specifically instructed us (and we have agreed to) manage your account in relation to a non-Google search engine in addition to (or in substitution of) Google.
I, You, Your / Account Holder means the person or company named as the client in this Agreement and (where applicable) the website or business that you have authority over.
We / ClickCleverTM / trading as Click Design.
B. Payment Terms
1. The Initial Set Up Fee is payable in full before the setup of your Google AdWords accounts will begin.
2. The weekly Management Fee for your Google AdWords account will be charged 7 days after date of sign up. The Management Fee will be charged weekly in arrears. ClickCleverTM reserves the right to charge the Management Fee weekly in advance at any time by email notice to you a reasonable time before the change occurs. .
3. ClickCleverTM will automatically debit your supplied credit card weekly for the weekly Management Fees unless you and we have agreed to charge the Management Fee using a different basis, method and/or timeframe.
4. ClickCleverTM reserves the right to not set up your Google AdWords account. At which time you will receive a full refund of all Setup Fees that you have paid. Please note that in all cases where we have already set up your new account there can be no refund of the Setup Fee.
5. ClickCleverTM reserves the right to stop managing your Google AdWords account and terminate this Agreement at any time by written (or email) notice to you. If this occurs your ClickCleverTM weekly management fee will stop at the end the second week after the termination date.
6. If you wish to suspend or cancel your ClickCleverTM management of your AdWords accounts at any time then please let us know by phone or email. We will then book a meeting (in person or by phone) with you and one of our team leaders or managers to discuss your requirements, feedback or concerns. If you still want to suspend or cancel after the meeting then your ClickCleverTM weekly management fee will stop on the earlier of:-
  (a) 14 days after our meeting with you; or
(b) 21 days after the date you called or emailed to suspend or cancel.

Please note that if you wish to suspend your ClickCleverTM management of your AdWords accounts then your Google advertising must also be suspended (which we will arrange).
7. Upon cancelling ClickCleverTM management, all amounts owing to ClickCleverTM will need to be paid in full; any outstanding amounts will be due within 7 business days of cancellation.
8. All payments in this Agreement are Australian dollars and are GST inclusive.
9. ClickCleverTM reserves the right to engage a debt collector at your expense if there are any unpaid invoices overdue by 60 days.
C. General AdWords Terms & Conditions
This is not a fixed-term contract with ClickCleverTM, however whilst ClickCleverTM are managing your Google AdWords account the following terms and conditions apply:-
10. By entering this Agreement with ClickCleverTM you give us permission to access your Google AdWords account for the purposes of optimisation and management of your online business.
11. ClickCleverTM will endeavour to set up your AdWords accounts as soon as possible, however in some cases it may take up to 5-7 days to complete set up of your new account.
12. If we request more information from you for the setup of your new or existing account, ClickCleverTM will not be held responsible for any delay arising from the need for further information.
13. To allow us to finalise strategies started and ensure your account is not negatively affected by “half finished” optimisation techniques, we require 2-weeks’ notice to cancel management and billing. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your concerns at this time.
14. ClickCleverTM management (with ClickCleverTM management fees) is a separate service from the “per click” fees that Google AdWords will charge you. Cancellation of your management does not automatically stop your Google AdWords advertising from running and incurring Google AdWords “per click” fees. ClickCleverTM will not be liable for any amounts that Google AdWords charges you following the cancellation of your management with ClickCleverTM. If you wish to cease advertising online at the same time that you cancel your SponsoredLinX management, please notify your Client Manager in writing so that we can cancel your Google Adwords online advertising as well. Alternatively, you may choose to directly access your own Google Adwords account to arrange cancellation.

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